Our store presents you monitors of different options that are designed to perform a wide variety of tasks.


The most important characteristic which is worth to pay attention when choosing a monitor is the monitor response time. The higher the response time, the slower the updated information on the monitor, which is very important for online games. Also pay attention to the brightness, contrast, and uniformity of the display backlight. You should arrange the picture at the factory setting, but it is important that all these characteristics are easily adjusted.

Another important characteristic is the type of matrix. The most common type at the moment is the IPS in different variations. A distinctive feature of this technology is a very wide viewing angles without image distortion. Sometimes you can find and OLED displays. They have a very deep black.


Screen resolution – this is the characteristic which determines the sharpness and detail of the image, along with a diagonal screen. The most common are the resolution of HD and FullHD – 720×1080 and 1080h1920 respectively. Gradually, the user monitors appear higher, 2K and 4K resolution, but because of its high cost of wide spread until they have received.